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Natt Davis live at Royal Oak Nailsea with Al Hutkin

"I feel like I've been to a gig that I've paid a lot of money to see!"

“As soon as he started playing, the whole atmosphere of the pub instantly lifted and I knew we were in for a good night”

"This guy Natt Davis was absolutely incredible when he last did a gig in Melksham; he was such a lovely guy and had everyone on their feet! Don’t miss his next gig!"

"Our Natt has a knack for getting the vibe right, he susses out his audience and he knows what the majority want to hear next."

Natt Davis is a musician, songwriter, producer & entertainer from Bristol in the South West of England UK.

He is most well known for his wide ranging vocal skills & his playing of multiple instruments, though not always at the same time.

In 2008 he formed his first gigging band "Yesterdays Command" with school friends, later merging into blues rock three piece "Black Shadows" which he stayed before leaving to join as vocalist & flautest new originals band "The Void" (2012 - 2015).


In 2016 he released his all original debut album under the pseudonym "Alf Red".

He currently gigs with his solo show - Featuring reinterpretations of well known classics as well as his own songs. He has also performed prolifically with his various tributes, including sell out Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath tribute band "Led Or Black".

In 2018 he also joined the Led Zeppelin live experience tribute "Tight But Loose".


Since the start of 2020, Natt has been involved in recording & producing again, currently recording his first album to be released under his own name.. Following that, plans to re-mix and re release Alf Red under his own name for the first time too.



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